Jamieson Brothers Seed Potato Merchants


Jamieson Brothers, owner of JBA Seed Potato Merchants and Hilliard & Porter, were formed in 1895 and are the oldest horticultural seed potato grower and packer in the UK.

Jamieson Brothers brand of JBA Seed Potatoes is one of the best known brands for quality in the horticultural market place. We are not just packers. Jamieson Brothers actually grow and produce many of the varieties that we sell and we have a dedicated staff with over 150 years worth of potato handling experience.

On the 27th May 2013 Jamieson Brothers became the only seed potato supplier to hold the World Record for having 667 different varieties on display. We are also the only supplier to have won 2 Gold medals for our potato displays at Gardening Scotland.


Where do our potatoes come from and what makes them so good?

At Jamieson Brothers we are registered PB growers which makes our seed that we grow some of the healthiest in the UK. All of our seed that we handle is part of the Safe Haven scheme which protects the seed potato industry from many diseases that can be imported from abroad. We have a large network of growers all over Scotland that supply us with seed as well to the same high standard.

99% of the seed that we handle is Scottish grown seed with the other 1% coming from Safe Haven areas of England where the health status is the same as Scotland.


So what can we do for your business?

We can supply you with our brand of 25kg sacks or 10x2kg pre packs of over 50 of the nation's favourite varieties. We use a trackable pallet service and most orders are delivered within 24hrs from despatch. Our paper bags provide excellent insulation against frost when we are delivering during the winter months compared to net and hessian bags.

The freshness of our product also gives our customers an advantage as we pack our potatoes the week of your delivery so that you get the maximum shelf life from them. The seed potatoes are stored in temperature controlled stores and overall we have 65000sq ft of floor capacity to store and handle potatoes on.

All of our products are barcoded so make for easy handling and checking.

We also have the largest UK network of wholesalers who can locally provide you with our seed.

Please contact us so we can provide you with your local wholesalers details


Other services that we offer

  1. Customer own brands
  2. Capper packs for maximum visual display
  3. Carri-Pack nets
  4. Bulk bag deliveries to any UK location
  5. Onions,Garlic and Shallots
  6. Display stands suitable for our products
  7. Packeted vegetable and flower seeds
  8. The complete Vitax range of products
  9. Mail order fulfillment

We hope that you will find our services as most comprehensive and entrust us to deliver the goods on time to you or your customers. Our main aims are quality of service and product to further enhance our reputation in the horticultural industry.


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